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Ancestors of Living SMITHs




Generation No. 13


      4544.  James NISBET, born Bet. 1603 - 1621 in Ayrshire, Scotland; died 1681.  He was the son of Alexander NISBET and Margaret Lockhart.  He married 4545. Jean HAMILTON.

      4545.  Jean HAMILTON, born 1624; died Feb 01, 1679.


Children of James NISBET and Jean HAMILTON are:

        2272           i.    James NISBET, born 1633 in Scotland; died 1681 in Scotland; married Ellespeth Redpeth.

                          ii.    Isobel Nisbet

                         iii.    Archibald Nisbet, born 1631.


      4556.  Cudbert Sibbald, born Abt. 1614 in Scotland; died Jan 14, 1634.  He married 4557. Helene Simson Jul 1633 in Dysart, Fife, Scotland.

      4557.  Helene Simson


Child of Cudbert Sibbald and Helene Simson is:

        2278           i.    John Sibbit/Sibbald, born Jan 14, 1634 in Dysart, Fife, Scotland; died Aft. Mar 23, 1650 in Scotland; married Issabel Sked Bef. 1650 in Scotland.


      4736.  Hugh CAMPBELL, born Bet. 1560 - 1579 in Ireland.  He was the son of Patrick CAMPBELL.


Children of Hugh CAMPBELL are:

        2368           i.    Robert CAMPBELL, born Bet. 1602 - 1610 in Ireland.

                          ii.    Andrew Campbell, born 1609 in Ireland.

                         iii.    Charles Campbell

                         iv.    Dugald Campbell

                          v.    John Campbell

                         vi.    Patrick Campbell

                        vii.    William Campbell


      6016.  Warnaer WESSELS, born 1630 in Aernheim, Gelderland, Netherlands; died Bef. Aug 1675 in New Amsterdam, NY.  He was the son of Warnaer WESSELS and Metja BOONEN.  He married 6017. Ann Elisabeth MASKOP Bef. 1656 in Netherlands.

      6017.  Ann Elisabeth MASKOP, born 1625 in Aernheim, Gelderland, Netherlands; died Bef. Sep 1683 in New Amsterdam, NY.


Children of Warnaer WESSELS and Ann MASKOP are:

        3008           i.    Gerardus WESSELS, born Apr 04, 1657 in Dutch Reform, NY; died Jul 17, 1708 in Cecil Co, MD.

                          ii.    Geertruyd Wessels, born Mar 31, 1659 in New Amsterdam, NY; died 1698.

                         iii.    Maria Wessels, born Oct 24, 1660 in New Amsterdam, NY; married Richard Ashfield Aug 05, 1687; died 1700.

                         iv.    Christina Wessels, born Mar 05, 1662 in Albany, Albany Co, NY; died Sep 1698; married Jacob Teller Oct 24, 1683 in Albany, Albany NY.

                          v.    Aeltje Wessels, born 1671 in Albany, Albany Co, NY; married Isaac De Riemer Jan 10, 1689 in NY City Reformed Dutch Church.


      6144.  John CAMPBELL, born 1611 in Ireland; died 1710.  He was the son of Duncan CAMPBELL and Agnes Mary RAMSEY.


Child of John CAMPBELL is:

        3072           i.    John Duncan CAMPBELL II, born 1636 in Ireland; died 1706; married Mary MCCOY 1655 in Drumaboden, Kilmachrenan, Donegal, Ireland.


      6176.  Ian Esom Farris, born 1644 in Rutherglen, Scotland; died Aft. 1695 in Albemarle Colony, Little Roanoke River, VA.  He married 6177. Emily Jane CAMERON May 20, 1661 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.

      6177.  Emily Jane CAMERON, born 1643 in Edinburgh, Scotland; died 1695 in Albemarle Colony, Little Roanoke River, VA or NC.


Children of Ian Farris and Emily CAMERON are:

        3088           i.    Henry FARIS, born 1670 in Albemarle Colony, NC; died Aft. 1730 in Richmond, VA; married Alicia MCGUIVER.

                          ii.    Peter Faris, born 1672.

                         iii.    Samuel Faris, born 1674.

                         iv.    Isaac Faris, born 1676.

                          v.    William Faris, born 1678.


      6656.  John RATCLIFFE, born 1577; died 1632 in Radcliffe Tower, Lancashire, England.  He was the son of John RATTCLYFFE and Alis.  He married 6657. Susanne Abt. 1591 in Chapel Hill, Lanceshire, England.

      6657.  Susanne, born Abt. 1580.


Children of John RATCLIFFE and Susanne are:

        3328           i.    Richard RATCLIFF, born Sep 27, 1614 in Chapel Hill, Whalley Parish, Lancashire, England; died Nov 07, 1675 in Chapel Hill, Lancashire, England; married Alice RAWSTHORNE 1640.

                          ii.    James Ratcliff, born in Haslingden.

                         iii.    Lettice Ratcliff

                         iv.    Edward Ratcliff, born in Haslingden.

                          v.    John Ratcliff

                         vi.    Susanne Ratcliff


      6658.  Nicolas RAWSTHORNE, born Abt. 1600 in Chapel Hill, Rossendale, Lancashire, England; died 1686 in Chapel Hill, Rossendale, Lancashire, England.  He married 6659. Mary.

      6659.  Mary, born Abt. 1600; died Dec 10, 1686 in Lancashire, England.


Child of Nicolas RAWSTHORNE and Mary is:

        3329           i.    Alice RAWSTHORNE, born 1618 in Rossendale, Lancshire, England; died Jul 07, 1670 in Chapel Hill, Lancshire, England; married Richard RATCLIFF 1640.


      6672.  Thomas Farmer, born 1590 in England.


Child of Thomas Farmer is:

        3336           i.    Robert Farmer.


      6680.  Col. Seth Ward, born Mar 13, 1613 in Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England; died 1682 in Sheffield, Varina parish, Henrico Co, VA.  He was the son of John Ward and Grace Goode.  He married 6681. Katherine Smith 1633 in Henrico, VA.

      6681.  Katherine Smith, born 1616 in England; died in Henrico, VA.


Child of Col. Ward and Katherine Smith is:

        3340           i.    Richard Ward, born 1636 in Varina Parish, Henrico, VA; died Aug 01, 1682 in Henrico, VA; married Martha Branch.


      6682.  Thomas Branch, born Aug 16, 1619 in Jamestown, James City Co, VA; died Jan 1694 in Varina Parish, Henrico, VA.  He married 6683. Elizabeth Gought.

      6683.  Elizabeth Gought, born 1623 in Varina Parish, Henrico, VA; died Aug 02, 1697 in Henrico, VA.  She was the daughter of Capt. Matthew Gough.


Child of Thomas Branch and Elizabeth Gought is:

        3341           i.    Martha Branch, born 1640 in Henrico, VA; died Aug 1697 in Henrico, VA; married Richard Ward.


      6684.  Thomas Elam, born 1609 in Thurscoe Parish, Yorkshire, England; died 1687 in Henrico, VA.  He was the son of James Elam and Alice Shirecliffe.  He married 6685. Mary Shirecliffe 1630 in Thurnscoe, Yorkshire, England.

      6685.  Mary Shirecliffe, born Apr 05, 1616 in Thurscoe Parish, Yorkshire, England.  She was the daughter of James Shirecliffe and Alice Martin.


Children of Thomas Elam and Mary Shirecliffe are:

        3342           i.    Gilbert Elam, born May 11, 1630 in Thurscoe Parish, Yorkshire, England; died Jun 01, 1696 in Henrico, VA; married Ann Elam 1658 in Henrico, VA.

                          ii.    Mary Elam, born 1628 in Thurscoe Parish, Yorkshire, England.

                         iii.    Thomas Elam, born 1624 in Thurscoe Parish, Yorkshire, England.

                         iv.    Martin Elam, born 1635 in Thurscoe Parish, Yorkshire, England; died Nov 20, 1695 in Henrico, VA.


      6686.  Robert Elam, born Dec 15, 1607 in Broadsworth, Yorkshire, England.  He was the son of James Elam and Alice Shirecliffe.  He married 6687. Ann.

      6687.  Ann, born 1610 in England.


Child of Robert Elam and Ann is:

        3343           i.    Ann Elam, born 1629 in Ethan, Kent, England; died Feb 17, 1693 in Henrico, VA; married Gilbert Elam 1658 in Henrico, VA.


      6768.  Christopher TAYLOR, born 1590 in Skipton, Yorkshire, England; died Oct 02, 1644 in Skipton, Yorkshire, England.  He married 6769. Ann HODGSON 1616 in England.

      6769.  Ann HODGSON, born 1594 in Skipton, Yorkshire, England; died Oct 25, 1623 in Skipton, Yorkshire, England.


Children of Christopher TAYLOR and Ann HODGSON are:

                           i.    Anne Taylor, born Mar 23, 1616.

                          ii.    Thomas Taylor, born 1620 in Skipton, Yorkshire, England.

                         iii.    Grace Taylor, born 1622.

        3384         iv.    Christoper TAYLOR, born 1623 in Skipton, Yorkshire, England; died 1686 in Tinicum Island, Chester Co, PA; married (1) Frances; married (2) Isabel Bef. 1652.